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Tailored protection for your most critical assets.


At Hackney Insurance we offer a true privately owned platform, aimed at providing tailored advice for individuals, their respective families and small to medium enterprise with solutions spanning from wealth protection to inter-generational transitions.

Sarah Hackney

Founding Partner / Protection Advisor

Sarah Hackney is the principal advisor at The Hackney Insurance Group and has many years experience in the life insurance industry along with her client services team who have also been in the financial services industry for over 25 years. Sarah is well positioned to provide true protection solutions to her clients, having been the leading specialist at NAB Private Wealth 4 years running and written in excess of $2 million in premium. She is a true protection specialist, having worked with individuals, high net worth clientele, businesses and corporates alike. She is incredibly passionate about risk protection and believes an essential element of any wealth creation or preservation strategy is having the right insurance and structures in place.

Sarah is committed to meeting the financial protection needs of her high net worth clients by providing the best possible advice and the most practical solutions. Additionally, Sarah has extensive claims experience having managed many insurance claims. This is especially vital when offering an end to end service as Hackney Insurance does. Sarah understand’s that insurance coverage can have important implications from an estate planning and tax perspective, and she will work with clients, their solicitor and accountant to ensure the best outcome for her clients.

Sarah offers a range of services to help organize her client’s financial future. These services include advice on wealth protection, business succession planning, personal insurance advice, and intergenerational risk solutions and claims management. Sarah has built strong professional relationships with the broad range of insurers and reinsurers in the Australian market place. These relationships help to ensure the best outcomes for her clients be it in the application process or in the event of a claim.

Partnering with clients.

At Hackney Insurance we partner with clients to provide truly personal protection solutions. Based upon genuine client relationships, we take the time to understand your protection objectives and work with you to protect your financial interests. We understand that it may have taken many years to build your wealth and grow your income and it’s important those many years of wealth creation and income growth are protected in the best possible way. We’ll develop a succession plan that’s right for you!

Our clients include...

  • High Net Worth Individuals and their families
  • Successful business owners
  • Medical professionals
  • Expat Australians
  • Large sums insured and large risk needs
  • Difficult to place covers

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